Ask Me

So many of the things I write about are questions I've gotten from others so I figured that would be a good idea to continue on. Do you want me to write on specific topics like what a Social Media Marketing class involves or how to manage time while in college? Ask away! I love when posts I write are in direct response to what you are asking me for instead of me kind of writing whatever I want and hoping it connects with you! Do you want someone to look over your resume, cover letter, or help narrow down your internship or job search? You can definitely send me an email and I will do my best to help you!

I may be a cynic, even a bit sarcastic, but I like when you let me know what you want to read about or reach out if you need help I can provide. I'm glad you value my opinion enough to want to hear my thoughts on topics or want my advice. You can reach out via my personal Tumblr if you wish to be anonymous or via email at!