Dear Diary, I Still Hate the Gym

Dear Diary,

I still cannot stand the gym. Since January, I have had a gym membership that I've been using. Even though I like a few classes and instructors (POP Pilates, BBarreless and Strength Training), I still actually hate the gym. I dread going, it's kind of ridiculous. 

I find there are few reasons why I hate the gym, even if I'm there at least three times a week. First, I've been hit on by guys who have no tact and don't get that I just want to be left alone in my sweat and quest to have a trimmer figure. Second, I know the gym represents sweating and pain, both of which I'm not a fan of. Lastly, I'm not a "workout" kind of person, I do it because I have to, not because I'm genuinely thrilled (outside of POP Pilates, that shit is pretty awesome). 

So, in summary, I hate the gym but go and do enjoy a few classes. You don't have to love working out to go to the gym and you don't have to be fit to go to the gym. The whole point of a gym is to promote health and fitness, regardless of level of health and/or fitness. If you've never tried a Barreless or POP Pilates class, I would suggest you do it. I'm a total fan! 



  1. I'm sorry gymtime is torture for you, apart from Pilates! It wasn't something I enjoyed, either, until I started bribing myself to go by letting myself read fiction that I was too busy to read otherwise while on the elliptical.

    As for annoying guys: earphones and RBF keep the pests away for me!


    1. Get into the zone! I bribe myself with "you can eat cake afterwards." It's horrible, but true!

  2. I feel the same way about the gym, but that’s probably why I end up going late at night or eaely in the morning. I need to get back on it, though. I’ve been super lazy lately.

    Also, POP Pilates soind interested. What exactly does it involve aside from Pilates?

    ♡ mchi | ☆彡

    1. POP Pilates is Pilates done to pop music and you don't use any balls or anything, just your body. It's probably why I like it so much.

  3. I loathe the gym too! I tried it a few times in my early twenties (oh my god I'm nearly 30 what is this) and I just hated it. I think I'm more of an exercise DVD or brisk walk in the park kinda girl.

  4. I really like POP pilates as well, but nope, I don't like the gym. To be completely honest I don't even really like the process of working out in general, I just love the feeling after so that's why I do it!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode