What I've Noticed While Having an Intern

As some of you may know, I hired an intern about two months ago. She's lovely, a recent graduate and it's all going good so far. My ultimate goal is to hire her on come June as my full-time assistant. I think I'm a pretty cool boss. I plan to have an interview with her in the upcoming weeks so you guys can get her direct feedback on me as a boss. Anyway, I was on a side tangent, I'm training, shaping and managing another being. I didn't think I'd be doing that this early in my career, yet here I am. 

1. It's a massive learning curve. - Managing and training another being requires a lot of learning about the kind of boss you want to be and are, how the person learns, what the person needs in regards to supervision and so on. 

2. There's a lot of accountability. - Everything my intern does comes from me directly and has to be okayed by me. It means I'm the direct source of accountability if anything goes wrong. It's a bit stressful.

3. Giving feedback is crucial. - I'm super big on personal and professional development so weekly I meet with my intern to go over goals, questions, concerns and give feedback. It's good to get all of this out of the way and have open communication.