What It's Like Working for Me

For better insight into working with me and/or for me, I figured I would interview my intern. She was under no pressure to lie in order to make me feel good so every response is as honest as she chooses to be. Once again, I'd like to think I'm a pretty cool person to work under and with. 

1. Why did you accept the internship offer?
I accepted the internship offer because I knew the position would be a great learning role and saw many opportunities to build and advance my skills whether in graphic design or social media.

2. Do you enjoy working with me? Why or why not?
Yes, I enjoy working with you because you have been not only a valuable boss but a mentor in the past two months. You are always available for questions and have been there for any guidance or help when needed. I am always learning something new each week from you and having that opportunity gives me a positive work mentality and balance.

3. Is there anything you don't like about working with me?
Nope because so far, I enjoy working with you!

4. Do you find that I am a fair boss?
I find you to be a fair boss because you does not micro-manage me and help me grow as a person. You do not expect me to learn everything in a short amount of time and give me a clear list of responsibilities to work on when you are away from the office.

5. What have you learned while under me?
During the past two months, I have learned a lot from you, whether it’s brainstorming ideas and knowing the difference between how social media works in a B2B vs B2C company or learning how to put a proposal together. I have also learned how a janitorial company operates and how we can implement marketing strategies to bring in business at a janitorial company. As someone who wants to learn about more marketing and social media, I am able to learn all different types such as newsletter marketing, digital marketing, etc. and how to apply to a business.

6. Describe what it is like reporting to me in three sentences or less.
I feel comfortable in professional manner that if I have questions to ask, I am not afraid to bring them up. I am able to report to you when necessary and appropriately and you do or will find the time to get back to me.

7. What would you consider my management style to be like?
I would consider your management style to be a good one because you give clear directions and do not micro-manage, but are ready and available to jump in to offer guidance, expertise and help when needed.