Remember when I wrote about how dating sucks? (Read post here) Well, I'm pretty sure it sucks more so because I'm not a dating kind of gal. When my boyfriend and I were feeling each other out I began to really think about why, to me, dating is awful. When we began to turn super serious I realized it's because I'm a relationship person. It was like a switch flipped and it all became blatantly clear.

1. I invest emotionally. - When I consider a potential partner, I begin to invest emotionally in them. I don't just date to date, I get to know someone in order to ensure there's an actual future possible. I start to see how our schedules, values and so on line up. I see what a person likes and dislikes in order to best adjust to them.

2. I don't like managing multiple people. - I can barely keep up with my work schedule and family so having to remember Jack, Daniel, Jorge and Christian doesn't work for me. I like sticking to one person and growing with them. Having to try and recall schedules, conversations and so on from more than one person is exhausting and just not something I want to be doing.

3. I'm needy. - I like attention and affection so if someone is dating me plus six others at the same time, I won't be getting the amount of either I require. That doesn't work for me so being old enough and mature enough to realize that saves me some headaches. 

4. I'm possessive. - This goes hand-in-hand with being needy, but I don't like to share. You touch what I view as mine and it won't be pretty so having to share someone with others as he's trying to see "who works best" just isn't for me. I'm number one or I'm walking away.