People are products of their surroundings, upbringing and cultures. I am the prime example being a fusion of Puerto Rican, Portuguese, American and New York cultures. For me, they all blend together to give me my identity. Having said that, I tend to stick out while in Houston which is a very different dynamic when it comes to personality. 

1. I talk too fast! - I've been told for the past few weeks by multiple people to slow down because they can't keep up. It's annoying because everyone else can understand me! I talk too fast because you Houstonians talk too damn slow!

2. I don't have a southern drawl or accent. - My "accent" is speaking crystal clear due to where I'm from. At least four times since starting my job I've been told I don't sound like I'm from "here." 

3. I walk too fast. - I was told to slow down several times when zipping through the office and even while out to lunch. I get the job done, I can't help that you choose to saunter instead of move your body.

4. I'm direct and concise when speaking. - I've been called rude so many times for not talking too much or being too direct. I'm ensuring there's no miscommunication by being to the point. It's taking major adjustment on my part to not take offense.