I haven't been making resolutions for the past few years but I thought that this upcoming year would be different. I think I can accomplish these things and would like to so here they are.

1. To lose 20 pounds. - I'm always bouncing around in weight due to my health issues but I'm hoping to get on track and come down about 20 pounds to be supremely content in my own body. 

2. To relocate back to the NYC area by November. - I'm in Houston to be with my parents and for the position I have. I really want to go home and be back in the greatest city in the world. 

3. To buy a new car. - I've narrowed down my selections between a BMW and an Acura so by the end of 2017 I want to purchase a new car. I'm a car person so it is important to me but I need got be financially solid before getting myself into a car payment. 

4. Be a great girlfriend. - Military life is not the easiest thing to adjust to but I want to be the best girlfriend ever. I want to give him what he needs and understand how to give him what he needs. I also need to adjust to the time away and crunching things together when he has leave or I can visit.