Signs He Values You

Finding a good and genuine guy in this modern era is like looking for a four leaf clover. I feel your pain, I really do. For every one great guy, there are at least 15 fuckboys or just horrible guys. It's a nightmare and I see far too many girls with guys who don't value them. There are universal signs a guy values you and they include: 

1. He is in contact with you often. - If he texts you throughout the day even when he's busy, makes time to call you to hear your voice, just asks how your day was or has been or even just sends you texts to let you know he's thinking of you, he's a keeper. Guys who don't value you or see you as important won't make time and don't really care what or how you're doing. 

2. He remembers details and can recall them in later conversations. - If he's actually listening to what you're saying when you're talking and can bring up your favorite color or movie three weeks later, he was paying attention. Not only was he paying attention, he viewed your interests as relevant and important enough to store away for a later date. 

3. He goes out of his way to spend time with you. - Whether you're in a long-distance relationship and he's making time to FaceTime you or you live near one another and he comes over after work just to have dinner with you, he's showing you that you're important. Going out of his way to please you by spending physical time with you is a huge deal. Now, if he's only coming over to "Netflix and chill" kick his ass to the curb. If he makes time to go on dates, hang out with friends with you and so on, he's totally into you and wants to show you he values you.

4. He praises you. - Whether he's letting you know he's proud of you for getting that job promotion, acceptance into a graduate program or just telling you he thinks you're brilliant, he's openly praising you and that's great. If someone is secure in themselves and can praise your achievements, they value you.

5. He supports you emotionally. - Ever needed to vent but didn't want to sound needy or crazy? Well, you can totally vent to him and he's right there listening, offering advice if you ask for it and also soothing you while balancing your emotions. Crazy that guys can and will do this, right? 

6. He openly discusses you with people in his life. - He has a roommate and that roommate knows your occupation, alma matar, what you look like and what you sound like. His friends know about you because he can't help but brag about how awesome you are and he promises to introduce you when you're both ready for that stage. If he isn't doing this, you're just unimportant and that's a massive red flag. 



  1. Yes to all of this!!! I'm still yet to find someone who treats me like this but imma keep my hopes up! Loved this post <3
    Robyn //

  2. I absolutely agree with all of these, and it's amazing what a difference simple behaviours like these can make in a relationship! Another wonderful post

    Pandora xo