If you follow me on Twitter, you'll notice I've posted a few screen shots and they seem to be really awesome things from someone. If you thought this is someone I'm seeing, you'd be correct. I didn't mean to like him, I've known him since we were 13. We just reconnected recently because he and I are the kind of friends who swing in and out of each other's lives. We started talking and it all just kind of fell in line. I kind of really like him and I'm actually thrilled that I do. 

So who is this guy? He's a Marine, fits the whole alpha male role I totally need, and he's currently based in Japan. We talk on the phone, FaceTime and text essentially throughout the entire day which is nice because we haven't gotten bored yet and he hasn't gotten sick of my constant rambling. He's coming home soon which makes me utterly ecstatic. He will be relocating to a base on the east coast of the United States. He's smart, not like brilliant in the textbook way, but smart enough to hold an intelligent conversation with me about most things and has a very similar value system to myself which I find is highly important. 

The relationship effortlessly went from friends to more, we're in that weird exclusive talking stage before dating, and I think that's kind of telling in and of itself. Neither of us pushed it but it just was, like how we just breathe in to live. He does all the major things to be a good guy including: making time to talk to me and see how my day is going, asking about things that interest me, sharing things about himself, being honest and being affectionate. He doesn't hold back on saying I'm pretty or that he likes how intellectual I am or how goal oriented and successful I am. Above all else, he respects me as an equal which is something I adore. Should this become something even more leading to a serious relationship, I don't doubt it will be great. Should it not work out, we'll still be friends and I think that's fabulous because he's been a part of my life for so long and to lose him would suck. The last thing is I think we work now because it was the right time, we have matured and shaped ourselves into the people we are today and the people we currently are work well together. If nothing else, he's giving me the best thing he could give me, hope that a guy can and will find my intelligence, passion and personality attractive.