Born This Way Foundation by Too Faced Thoughts

Last week I took my happy self to Sephora to get color matched. I'm still about a shade and a half darker than I naturally am (my tan is taking its sweet time with the fading this year), and am getting new foundation since I'm interviewing and hoping to enter the workforce. While I don't necessarily wear it all the time, I need foundation to cover my flaws, acne scars and new acne. I had been wanting to try Too Faced's foundation, specifically Born This Way. Lot's of people, bloggers and mainstream media alike, have raved about the product. 

My Skin 

My skin is acne prone-hormonal acne because I have PCOS- and combination where my T-zone gets oily after a few hours. As a passing side note, over the past few years I've noticed my skin has also turned out to be quite sensitive. 

My Initial Thoughts

When I first applied the foundation I was pleasantly surprised to note how natural it looked on and how it was literally the color of my skin. Kudos to the company for the color and the Sephora makeup artist who did well in matching me. I liked the way it looked and felt on my face which is really important because if once I put it on I feel it is too heavy or I look like I'm wearing tons of makeup, I won't be using the product. 

My Final Thoughts

This foundation wore well over the course of the two days I wore it. It looks great, isn't heavy and isn't too expensive. For me, it is a return because I noticed it broke me out. If the foundation didn't do that, I would have loved it! So, overall, this is not for me and probably anyone like me with similar skin issues. 



  1. I have this foundation and really like it but I noticed it does break up after long wear. :( Sorry to hear it didn't work for you cause it is a nice foundation!

  2. I have to be careful with foundations because they tend to break me out so I'll most likely stay away from this one. Great review, very helpful!


  3. awww! you look stunning hun <3 its an unfortunate that it breaks up. and honestly it can be so hard to get the right/perfect foundation for oneself hehe.

  4. Having a slowly fading tan is nothing to complain about, girl! I wish mine didn't fade so fast! You look stunning in your photo - such a shame that the foundation broke you out! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Abbey 😍

  5. That's such a shame it broke you out :( have you tried Japanese BB creams? Baby Pink is good coverage and good for oily/acne prone skin and is very cheap! Also you could always use this one as one for one off nice times! xx

  6. Such a shame about the break outs! That's sucks, at least it wasn't too expensive! Thanks for sharing your experiences - I think we have the same combination skin!

    Jessica |

  7. Ooh this sounds amazing! I've been dying to replace my foundation with a cruelty-free alternative, and I've been eyeing this up for a while!

    Lizzie Bee //

  8. If you ever find any products that are great for helping your skin, please do a post!
    Aleeha xXx

  9. I did a review on this same product and felt pretty much the same way! I only did a sample and while I liked it when I first applied it was nice, it didn't blow me out of the water enough to justify the price. I have the same kinda skin too, it's a pain! XX Jen