1. My college status - I graduated in May of this year. It felt like a journey that would never end but it finally did. 

2. My location - While I love being from the NYC area, I had to make a move in order to further my career. I'm now in Houston, Texas.

3. My relationship status - I'm no longer single! I swear I thought I was going to be single forever but then this awesome guy came into my life and changed that. He's pretty amazing. 

4. My job status - I'm now an integrated marketing associate. All my hard work has paid off and I get paid! 

5. My hair length - My hair has been long for ages but it gradually got shorter this year until it fell a bit past my shoulders. 

6. My hair color - I put a copper balayage in which has since washed out to leave blonde streaks in my hair. 

7. My foundation - I changed it from Tarte to Urban Decay to Too Faced to CoverFX. I might need a different one because the cream foundation from CoverFX seems to not wear well. 

8. My mascara - I went from Roller Lash from Benefit Cosmetics to They're Real Lash Primer by Benefit Cosmetics. Yes, there were a few in between these two major changes but I don't recall them all at the moment.

9. My birth control - I began a pill in the summer which was not a good fit for me for several reasons. This month I began the Nuva Ring! I'll be sure to update on how well it works out but so far so good? 

10. My next car - I've finally narrowed my next car down to the BMW X1 or the Acura TLX. 

11. My face wash - I have changed to Cetaphil which is not only cost efficient but doesn't piss my skin off. 

12. My views on relationships - At one time, I believed in time lines until that got blown up by my current relationship. I think everything moves at its own pace based upon the people in the relationship. 

13. My views on mental health - Until a very personal matter involving mental health happened in my life, I didn't view it as important or even relevant. I am very fortunate to function within society without issue. After the occurrence earlier in the year, I did my homework and understood the issue better.

14. My friend group - I've cut people out completely because I'm so damn tired of people who aren't worth my time. I try to not judge but usually my snap judgments are spot on so sticking with my gut over society's crap of "be nice." 

15. My jean preference - I am totally in love with high rise jeans because I think this low rise craze is annoying. Anyone with a butt cannot wear those demonic low rise jeans. 

16. My office attire - I was very formal and old school until recently so now I switch between business formal and business casual, yay for jeans!