Thanksgiving | Get The Look

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it. For me, Thanksgiving is a tradition spent feasting upon specific food such as turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, corn and stuffing. It is a family gathering time where we cook, eat and drink while being around each other. As with most holidays, I dress a little nicer than normal and wear makeup. This post is all about what makeup I wore this Thanksgiving. 

1. Bye Bye Redness by IT Cosmetics - This is a creamy concealer that shit redness so you don't need a green color corrector and blends easily. I put this on before my foundation of choice. 
2. Born this Way by Too Faced Cosmetics - This is my foundation of choice, picked it up this past Monday, and it is in Light Beige. I'm still in trial mode with this foundation but so far so good, the bloggers ravings seem to be justified. 
3. Small Steeple Brush by Elf Cosmetics - I grabbed this up from CVS because I was curious about it and this is how I blended both the concealer and foundation. I think this is an all around win because it is cheap and works well. 
4. They're Real Tined Primer by Benefit Cosmetics - I swear by all things Benefit Cosmetics puts out when it comes to lashes. I grabbed this a few months ago on a whim and have been using it pretty much every single day alone or with another mascara. 
5. Lip Polish in Samantha by Buxom - This isn't in the photo because it is currently at the bottom of my pool as it literally rolled off of the table as I was about to take this photo and went straight to the pool. I think it's a bit camera shy. This color is a nude color and I LOVE it. I mean, it has my name! 

And here's the final product. It's a look I love, natural looking makeup. I'm not big on looking like I have makeup on. What do you think? Also, do you have any of these products?