Review | Last Ride by Chantal Fernando

Overview The Wind Dragons MC couple who started it all is back! We met the stars of Chantal Fernando’s bestselling series in Dragon’s Lair, and now Sin and Faye are ready for more—and with these two, that means more passion, more action, and more of the best kind of trouble.

Sin, president of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, doesn’t mind that things have quieted down since he got married—with Faye at his side, he’ll never be bored. Plus, they’ve got their little girl Clover to keep them on their toes. But when new MC brother Talon needs help rooting out a traitor in his old club, Faye’s the first to volunteer. She’s more determined than ever to get involved and put her law degree to good use, but Sin soon finds himself riding to the rescue. Because he’ll kill anybody who touches a hair on Faye’s head—if she doesn’t get to them first. One way or another, tonight’s going to be someone’s last ride….

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Publication Date: November 7, 2016
Stars: 5
My Review:  It was the end of an era stars. I began this series with these two characters, Faye and Dex (Sin), which began the era and this book showed them several years later when the era truly ended. This book circled everyone around which was great and also had some unexpected twists with new members of the club that I absolutely loved! I loved seeing Faye and Dex a few years into their marriage and the club over the course of several years. It was a great way to kind of bring it all full circle, ending with the beginning. I'm going to admit that before I read this I re-read the first book in the series to compare how far both Dex and Faye have come since the beginning. 

Dex kisses me again, then exists the kitchen, mock-punching Rake on the way out. Rake comes up to me and rests his head on my shoulder. 
"You know if the skilled you, I don't know what would've happened to Dex. You make him so fuckin' happy, Faye. It's so amazing to see, even after all these years." 

This story shows a deep look into Faye and Dex's bond over the course of their marriage. It shows how Faye has not only accepted club life but also embraced it and loved all the members and their significant others. The novella also shows how Dex has matured and grown since the first book, as well. It is kind of a love letter to their relationship, giving one last intimate look into the amazing couple and love story that kicked off the series I fell in love with. 

"Why are you making your sex face?" Dex asks as he wanders in, taking the rest of the quiche from my hands and popping it into his mouth. "Ohhh," he groans. "That's why. These are amazing." 
"Well, yes, they are, but I was thinking about us going for a ride tomorrow and then fucking on your bike somewhere." 

He stills, smiles, then pulls me against him. "That sounds fuckin' perfect. How did I get so lucky?" 

There's club drama, kidnapping, shooting and some serious bad blood as is custom when in the club life. There's hints of the sweeter side of the rough and alpha men in the Wind Dragons as well as the reality that Faye is seen as the glue that keeps everyone together. It's great to see just how much the brothers have not only accepted Faye, but also love and respect her. Each one of them at some point or another in this story shows their love and need of her. It's also great to see Dex in his element and what his ultimate choice is when the last ride is chosen. The ending was bittersweet because it truly was the end of an era.