Drugstore Mascara Adventures

I figured it was time to grab up drugstore mascaras I've never used before. These are all really cheap compared to ones purchased from Sephora or makeup counters. No mascara costs more than $13! I picked them up simply because I liked the names and packing. While I won't be giving up my Benefit mascaras, I have to admit I was most pleasantly surprised after using these! 

1. Wet 'n Wild Max Fanatic Mascara ($4.99) - The product claims to " instantly add volume and length." After only one coat I have to admit there was some volume and length. After two coats, I was ready to walk out the door. For how cheap this is, it's ah-mazing and would totally recommend everyone to try it! 

2. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes XX-Treme ($5.99)  - The product claims to give " extreme high impact volume and endless dramatic length." This had the most clumping going on which drove me nuts. Honestly, I wouldn't re-purchase this but there are a few from Rimmel London I would like to try out so you'll probably see another post similar to this but filled with its products.  

3. Maybelline New York The Falsies Push Up Drama ($8.99)  - The product claims to " give instant volume and hold lashes in place." While I didn't love this mascara, it wasn't a bad option. It was the priciest out of the three, but it worked well enough. Even being the most expensive, it was still over 50% cheaper than one of my Benefit Cosmetics mascaras. 



  1. Girl! Mascara is literally my favorite thing right now, so believe me when I say I love this post❤️️❤️️ The Rommel London scandal eyes Masada I've actually been meaning to buy it! It always seems to have great results!!

    KeepingupwithMJ.com xx

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