Book Boyfriends Are Why I'm Single

I'm single and I'm totally confident in it. Thinking on why I'm single, I've come to realize a big part of it is fictional men I've collected over the past three to four years from reading romance novels. Yeah, that's right, my endless list of book boyfriends has ruined me. Quite literally, because real life guys just don't measure up. 

If you're laughing, I'm glad you don't have my problem and that I can give you a nice giggle or chuckle. I've read over 1200 books in the last four years meaning I've gained over 500 book boyfriends. There are some books in which are duos, trilogies or series with the same character and some that I obviously didn't care for. Nonetheless, I have a taste for what a guy could be in all his perfectly imperfect self and so I steer clear of guys who won't give me that. 

I, for as long as I can recall, have been a romantic. I've read romance novels since I was about 9 or 10. While I didn't want to be a princess, I did want to find an all powerful love and that notion only grew as I got older. Mix a romantic with reading lots of romance novels and you get me. My standards for a partner are literally so high that I am quite sure they are unobtainable. 

For me, I refuse to lower them because I deserve someone who will challenge me intellectually, stimulate me on a mental, physical and emotional level and who will respect me. I don't have a specific checklist like blonde, green eyes and an accountant, but I do have the things I described above as important factors. Someone has to appeal to me on all levels of attraction and essentially make me fall. There's a line from Hamilton: An American Musical where Alexander Hamilton raps, "I wrote Eliza love letters until she fell." That sticks with me because I need someone to be able to do that in essence, not fluff with no backing, but someone to get me on a personal level and be able to write me paragraphs and build me cathedrals from them. In short, I need a Gideon Cross or someone of that nature. As a dominant personality, I'm aware I need someone to "top" me because anyone else I would probably eat alive. So, to all romance authors, thank you for ensuring my standards are so outrageously high that I might end up alone. 



  1. I think that although this could potentially make finding a partner difficult I think it's brilliant that you're aware of what you want in another person that would compliment your personality; plus nothing is impossible! Nothing wrong with high standards

    Pandora xo

  2. Hi, great post. Oh and nothing wrong with having high standards, Chloe

  3. I definitely understand your problem, this is my issue also;)!
    No one will live up to book boyfriends I'm afraid, or maybe we'll both get lucky;) hahahah
    Great post
    Charlotte xx

  4. Well at least it's allowed you to work out what you would like in a man! :) I'm sure you'll find him someday! xx

  5. Love this post! It is so relatable for me as I love to read and I don't have a boyfriend. I don't expect a princ on a white horse but I also don't want to except any boy just so I could call him my boyfriend. I think I'll stick with my book boyfriends for a while. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  6. I totally agree! The way men are portrayed in books often makes us expect more in real life! This post was absolutely spot on and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing this!

    Charlene McElhinney Xo

  7. I was in love with the male love interest in the Princess Diaries series as a kid. I think I still might be!