An Open Letter to America

Dear United States of America, 

I have never been so disgusted and ashamed to call this nation my home until today. Many of those who went to vote showed all the things they don't say aloud, how those people are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and selfish. This nation was founded and molded with years of compromise for the greater good of the vast majority. I don't think people who voted for Trump or wasted their votes on third party candidates were thinking of the vast majority of this country and that sickens me. 

From a child, I've seen great strides made for women, LGBQT people and all people who fall into the marginalized groups. We, the people of the United States of America, struggled toward a more perfect union in which all people can have liberty and justice. We have been making great strides towards real equality and this election has just set us as a nation back to the 1950s. There are not enough moderate Republicans in the nation to save us from taking twenty steps back from the progress we've been able to achieve. 

I fear for our safety now more than ever. My youngest sibling is Autistic (high functioning) and Hispanic (mixed with Puerto Rican and Portuguese) and I genuinely fear for him. I fear for all the women, including myself, who might lose our right to our own bodies because a privileged man doesn't think women's health is important and that abortion shouldn't be a choice. I fear for the LGBQT community who now has a man in the White House who believes in "conversion" or torture tactics to "convert gays to be straight." I fear for the Americans who do not fit with "White social norms" including Muslim, Arab, Jewish, Hindu, Asian, Immigrant and so many other Americans. 

I genuinely am concerned for our future as a nation and as individuals. The American Dream was not dead but it sure as fuck will be once Trump steps his privileged ass into the Oval Office. He is serving the one percenters of this nation, the bigots of this nation and will have us fighting amongst ourselves to further divide instead of uniting us. This must be what it felt like leading up to the Civil War because we are fractured, America. 



  1. Wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said. It is horrifying to watch how rich, cis white males can stop over everything a country has built up over decades and take it right back to medieval times.

    Franzi. / []

  2. I was against Donald Trump being president, but then I didn't know what Hilary stood for and the one that gets the most publicity will most likely get the votes. Hetty
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  3. This is well written I totally agree with you. Let's hope Trump has a long hard think between now and January about what he has said he will do and what he actually will do...

  4. Beautifully written post. I watched the news in such shock this morning, just as someone from Britain. Can't imagine what it must be like in America. x
    Morgan |

  5. I agree with this so much. I'm so disgusted and so surprised at the outcome! Like you said it showed what kind of people love here. A bunch of cowards!

  6. Well said and i feel sorry for the people that are going to really suffer at the hands of this man!!

  7. I woke up this morning and felt pure fear. I live in the UK and i cried over this election. The USA is already great, he will not make it any better, he will only make it worse. I am so scared for the people of America, they deserve so much more than a leader with little to no morals and practically no political experience. I just hope that in 2020 he is not re-elected, i hope and pray that the people of America stand together. This is a day i wished i would never see.

    Sending all my love to everyone in America,

  8. I agree with everything you said. It's scary and disgusting and I'm concerned for our future. I'm not American and I live Europe, but I believe the president of the US has a big influence on us here as well (plus my boyfriend and best friends are American and their families still live there, so I'm concerned for their safety as well).

    In the Netherlands and Belgium (where I grew up), the extreme right is already trying to use Trump's victory in their favour during the next elections. In fact, there's a pretty big chance one of the Netherlands' most racist politicians his party will win during the next elections.

    And while I'm white, I am also a woman, bisexual and an immigrant (moved to Norway). It just feels so personal. The world just felt different this morning. Everyone at work, in the stores, on the streets, in my apartment complex, on the bus, everyone was so shocked. We were all looking for a friend to hug, for someone to tell us everything will be ok, awkwardly smiling at each other and pretending it was a normal day.

  9. I feel so sorry for you being an American right now, so shocked by the outcome it was totally unexpected like how could anyone vote for him??