Dear United States of America, 

I have never been so disgusted and ashamed to call this nation my home until today. Many of those who went to vote showed all the things they don't say aloud, how those people are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and selfish. This nation was founded and molded with years of compromise for the greater good of the vast majority. I don't think people who voted for Trump or wasted their votes on third party candidates were thinking of the vast majority of this country and that sickens me. 

From a child, I've seen great strides made for women, LGBQT people and all people who fall into the marginalized groups. We, the people of the United States of America, struggled toward a more perfect union in which all people can have liberty and justice. We have been making great strides towards real equality and this election has just set us as a nation back to the 1950s. There are not enough moderate Republicans in the nation to save us from taking twenty steps back from the progress we've been able to achieve. 

I fear for our safety now more than ever. My youngest sibling is Autistic (high functioning) and Hispanic (mixed with Puerto Rican and Portuguese) and I genuinely fear for him. I fear for all the women, including myself, who might lose our right to our own bodies because a privileged man doesn't think women's health is important and that abortion shouldn't be a choice. I fear for the LGBQT community who now has a man in the White House who believes in "conversion" or torture tactics to "convert gays to be straight." I fear for the Americans who do not fit with "White social norms" including Muslim, Arab, Jewish, Hindu, Asian, Immigrant and so many other Americans. 

I genuinely am concerned for our future as a nation and as individuals. The American Dream was not dead but it sure as fuck will be once Trump steps his privileged ass into the Oval Office. He is serving the one percenters of this nation, the bigots of this nation and will have us fighting amongst ourselves to further divide instead of uniting us. This must be what it felt like leading up to the Civil War because we are fractured, America.