"You almost never have your hair straight," a quote I've heard pretty much my entire life. It really shouldn't be shocking because my hair isn't naturally straight so why would it be straight often? My hair is curly, pretty sure it's 3A if you go by those types of charts, and I'm fine with it about 99 percent of the time. I say 99 percent because everyone has days where it feels like their hair is just being a ridiculously rebellious thing. So, the question I get asked a lot is, "Why don't you straighten your hair?" I decided to answer that question via my blog because it is more complex than I think most people would think. 

1. I like my hair! - For the most part, I love my hair. It's pretty awesome and looks great. Not even to be arrogant, but people pay to have my kind of hair. Why do I need to change it from it's curly texture to a straight one? 

2. My hair is very much a part of me. - Kind of like how people wear signature fragrances, makeup looks, outfits and so on, my hair is specific to me. Much like my ethnic roots, who I am is reflected in my hair and I don't feel the need to change that on a daily basis. I'm content with me and don't need to be anyone else.

3. Straightening my hair is far too much work.- Honestly, on a good day my hair takes between an hour and an hour an a half. Do I look like the type of person who wants to spend that much time on their hair? The correct answer is...NO! 

4. It isn't good for my hair. - Straightening my hair isn't healthy even if I only use a blow dryer. I wash my hair every single freaking day which means I would have to straighten it every single freaking day. That's unhealthy and I like my hair being healthy, thanks.