1. You read too much. - There is no such thing so shut up. If I want to read every free moment I have, leave me alone. I'm being productive and supporting someone's career while you're annoying me. 

2. You've been single for far too long. - I was in back to back relationships for over five years, I think three years of being single is fine. If I want to be single until I die, that's my prerogative.

3. You shouldn't keep your hair short, men don't like short hair. - If a guy doesn't want to date me because my hair falls just past my shoulders, he doesn't deserve me. Honestly, he can kiss my ass. 

4. No man will want you if you're going to be a bitch all the time. - Well, if a guy can't handle a strong, intellectual, independent and blunt woman, I don't want him anyway. Seriously, I have needs and he won't meet them.

5. You make everything into an argument. - I have an opinion and state it. Does that mean I'm arguing with you? If it does, then suck it up or shut up.

6. Stop correcting my grammar or pronunciation. - Stop using words incorrectly and pronouncing things wrong and I won't have to. 

7. You dress and speak like a "White" girl. - I didn't realize the way I dress is a racial statement, thank you. Also, clearly you need to open your mind a bit because you think people can only dress certain ways if they are certain ethnic groups.

8. Stop spending so much money. - I work hard for my money so if I want to spend it, I can. It's quite simple. I work, pay my bills and spend my money. If it bothers you so much, maybe you need to stop being so caught up in what I do and focus on what you do.