Recently the term "fuckboy" has been thrown about a lot and I even find myself using it. I decided to pick a guy friend of mine's brain. I selected this specific guy for a multiple of reasons including the fact that I've known him for a decade (yes, I realize that's ten years), he's always concise and blunt and won't give me any bull shit. In short, sometimes I feel like he's a rougher, male version of me outside of the fact that he was a bit of a fuckboy for a time. 

The most obvious first question to answer is what exactly is a fuckboy, right? Well, a fuckboy, in terms of guy and girl relations, is a guy who is looking to fuck around with women, no strings or any form of attachments, and play mind games. The guy is to in control to where he manipulates the girl by keeping her guessing and confused. The end game is getting laid and a fuckboy will do whatever necessary to achieve that. By anything, it means lying about how they feel and leading the girl on with the slight promise of a relationship in the future when the guy just wants sex.  

So my thought was there has to be something a fuckboy wouldn't do in order to avoid lumping in a guy who is shy or not upfront with his feelings and/or thoughts with fuckboys. The funny part is that there isn't much a fuckboy wouldn't do to achieve his goal. The guy that falls into this category will say and do whatever he thinks will get his end result. In short, women have to be aware that these kind of guys exist. In the past they might have been dubbed "playboys", "rogues" or "rakes" but the fact of the matter is, at least to me, fuckboys are this generation's version and are much worse considering the technology at their disposal to make praying upon unsuspecting women that much easier. Also, I'd take a "player" or "manwhore" any day over a fuckboy because the first two don't intentions seek to mess with your brain. The first two are straight up about the fact that they want just sex and don't dangle the "possibility" of something more in order to attain their true goal, in your pants. In short, if you find yourself questioning a guy's motives too much and he seems to be playing games, walk away and don't waste your time.