Ways I Relax

Sometimes, with how busy life gets, I forget to relax. I can't possibly be the only one since this is part of the world we live in. Here is how I relax!

1. Read - If you even just skim my blog you'll see loads of book reviews so that is a dead giveaway. I love reading and it is really just such a great way to get away from reality. 

2. Drink tea - I drink tea daily, usually three to four times a day. I don't know what it is about tea but it is really relaxing and I usually have one right before I'm about to go to sleep.

3. Take a nap - I rarely do this but when I'm feeling drained or particularly stressed, I nap. It is so relaxing to wake up from a nap and be calm. 

4. Watch T.V. - T.V. sometimes can be mindless and it is great. You don't have to do anything but let the show play out for you and enjoy all that is going on. 

5. Go for a drive or walk - Sometimes driving around is relaxing because you just kind of go. When I'm really stressed, taking a 20-30 minute is great. It helps clear my mind and relaxes me from whatever is bothering me. 



  1. I love reading to relax, it's one of my favorite ways to wind down! Great tips! XO -Kim

  2. I think a bit of fresh air or a drive definitely does wonders for the mind! I also love to read, you can definitely let your mind go free for a while!


  3. I absolutely love reading! The perfect way to relax! Great post xx


  4. I love going for a drive, Just plugging in my phone and listening to my favourite songs on a drive is the one!


  5. All of the things I do too! They are all so helpful to relax yourself in their own different ways!


  6. Very similar to the things I do to relax, along with listening to music.

    Taking a nap always helps!

    Natasha x


  7. This is how I relax to! Reading is my go to it lets me escape all my problems for a while. Great post!

  8. Simple yet lovely post! I can relate to most of your ways to relax and I definitely enjoy a good book to lose myself in! Do you have any recommendations?


  9. I love all of these ways to relax too, great post!

    Kate | http://www.paintingoctober.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I do a lot of these things to relax too! x

  11. I loooove walks, especially when I'm back from uni in Cornwall! They clear my head so much!


  12. I love tea and going for a walk, I live quite close to the countryside which is awesome, in 30 minutes I'm surrounded by nature, so peaceful x

  13. I loooove to drink tea before bed too, gets me all chilled down! I either go for camomile (which is most of the time) but sometimes I'll have a lemongrass & ginger if I feel under the weather. I'm also a big fan of watching mindless tv shows so I can switch off for a bit

    Pandora xo

  14. I always enjoy reading how other people relax and pick up tips. It seems we have the same relaxation methods!
    Great most, you've inspired me to create a relaxation post

    Kisses and love xoxo