Reading Lately

I'm a reader, I love it. I read a minimum of four books a week which can make for a pretty expensive Barnes and Noble and Amazon tab. I figured it was a good time to highlight what I've been reading lately. Maybe I'll introduce you to your next read! Wouldn't that be lovely? 

1. Outsider (Exodus End #2) by Olivia Cunning - This was a bit outside my comfort zone but a great read (involves a polygamous relationship between two bi-sexual men and a heterosexual female). I gave it 4 stars. 

2. My Brown-Eyed Earl by Anna Bennet - This is a historical romance, I love them, and it is kind of a second chance at romance deal which I loved. It got 4 stars from me. 

3. Match Fit by Amelie S. Duncan - I have been reading Amelie for over a year now and love her writing. This book is a bit of a sports romance and it was witty, fun and sweet. It got 5 stars from me. 

4. Own the Wind (Chaos #1) by Kristen Ashley - Ugh, Shy and Tabby were a several year long love story in the making. It was so good it hurt. I ran around screaming at one point. The story got 4.5 stars from me. 

5. Vein of Love (Blackest Gold #1) by R. Scarlett - The is a New Adult novel that crosses over into paranormal. I was so engaged because Tensley, the hero, got to me. It received 4 stars from me.

6. Torn (Devil's Wolves #1) by Carian Cole - This is a love that is complicated and heart breaking. Honestly, I think I cried more than I would like to admit. It ripped 5 stars from me. 

7. Turbulence by Whitney G. - The entire book is a mess and I loved it. It was just so thrilling and sexy. I don't know but it pulled 5 stars from me. 

8. Blance (Off Balance #1) by Lucia Franco - This book is taboo in nature but done fabulously. It sucked me in and made me lose it when I realized I'd have to wait for the next book. It totally got 5 stars from me. 



  1. Will definitely have to have a look at some of these. Great post!

    - Jade x

  2. Such a good post love seeing different things like this on the blog xx Pixie

  3. I think I got some of these for free on amazon! I'll have to start reading them! Check out charity shops for cheaper books!

  4. Great post! I love a good book review! X