There are so many bloggers who use Instagram for blogging and I think that's wonderful. Honestly, if you can stick to a theme on Instagram and use it to boost your readership, awesome for you. For me, Instagram is more private and messy in nature. I view Instagram as snapshots of my life that I desire to share with the world. 

Why don't I have a theme? Well, I don't have one in the traditional sense but I kind of do have one if you think about it. All things that are part of my life, my way of thinking and so forth are featured in one way or another on my Instagram. In saying that, my theme would be bits and pieces of myself through photos and short videos. Each social media handle I have, outside of Facebook, shows a very intricate picture of who I am. 

Instagram shows a lot of my family, food I have eaten, places I've been and books I have read. It's like showing the world how I think, what I think about, what I eat and who is important enough to share with the world. I don't have a food Instagram, a fashion Instagram or even a blogger one. I have a Samstagram and I'm perfectly content with that. It exists to entertain me, not make me famous.