Internships Stopped Counting as Experience?

This post comes from a very special place called "pissed off Sam." I have had a few phone interviews where I'm told I'm actually under qualified for an entry-level position because I don't have enough experience. First, let us discuss what entry-level means; it means just entering the workforce! Entry-level positions are meant to have someone fill them who has 0-2 years of experience. Did you see the zero part? That means, it is impossible to be under qualified unless I didn't have a college degree.

This is all fabulous, right? Well, it gets so much better. Not only have I been told I'm under qualified for entry-level positions, I've also been told, "You have a lot of internships but those don't count as experience." Excuse me, did I just hear you right? Internships in the field that this position is in don't count?! What part of creating campaigns, designing marketing materials and so forth doesn't count because I'm pretty sure all of it was used and wasn't just busy work.

So now let me put this picture together for you. A job that requires zero to two years of experience won't hire someone that has over a year of experience because that experience is internship based thus not counting. Do you see how messed up that actually is? How do you expect someone to have "real" experience if you aren't properly hiring for entry-level positions? What planet are you from because the last time I checked, entry-level meant you didn't need actual experience! Honestly, the job market baffles me and disgusts me.



  1. Hi Sam, just letting you know that I really enjoy your blog and I have nominated you for the blogger recognition award, if you would like to do it :) x

    Megan |

  2. Love this post! its ridiculous that companies are looking for 3-5 years of experience for entry level jobs! I've been passed over for "applicants with more experience" for glorified copy & paste jobs!

    x Emily ||