I Have a "Type", Do You?

I totally have a "type." You know, the kind of guy I tend to go for, tend to dream up in my head, that type. Yeah, I know I have one and am perfectly okay with that. I like good looking guys who are intellectual, articulate and dominant. It's something I think I've always leaned towards but have found I strive for as I get older. I guess you can say I know what I like and what I don't like. 

For me, my type comes from my own sense of self. I have to be physically attracted to someone to even consider them to be anything more than a friend. It's how I operate and am well aware of it. I'm intellectual and need someone who can keep up with me in conversation, someone clever enough to deduce things without needing to Google words longer than two syllables. Articulate kind of goes with intellect, but comes from the fact that I don't shut up. Seriously, I'm the kind of person who writes paragraphs upon paragraphs in text messages. I need my prospective partner to be able to do the same. As for dominant, this is kind of obvious since my own personality is over-the-top. I need someone who I can't intimidate, who will put me in my place and who can buffer me since I can be a mouthy little thing. 

I don't think everyone has a type or, if they do, even realize they do. Overall, humans tend to have a type because it is easy for us to stick with what we know and at least works mildly well with our person rather than trying out new, unknown territory with no history to draw from. We are a bit like elephants in that we remember a lot of things and those experiences kind of shape us. I'm curious, do you have a type? 



  1. I really love how confident & self-aware you are in regards to this! I'd say I don't have much of a type in appearance (all of my boyfriends have looked totally different) but personality wise I go for the funny, joker types that have a sensitive side and that I can have endless deep conversations & debates with.

    Pandora xo

  2. I thought I do have a type - dark hair and blue eyes. But my boyfriend has light brown hair and brown eyes! I don't think it's about types. It's more about attraction and personality.


  3. I am instantly drawn to guys that can make me laugh! All my past relationships have been with very funny guys and my current boyfriend is one of the biggest extroverts I know! x

  4. I think everyone secretly does have a type, and if they say they don't, they don't realise it. I never thought I did have a type, but there's always gonna be a certain group of people you're attracted to more than others. It's like human nature. Great post lovely! X

  5. I don't think I have a type.. I like kind, funny and someone who (like you mentioned) can hold a good conversation. Insightful post lovely!

  6. I love this post! I definitely have a type and I hate how people are so reluctant to admit they have one. I am slightly ashamed to admit I have a thing for drummers and that rebel type. Great post!

  7. Great post! I am always drawn to guys who can keep a conversation going and is genuine, keep up the amazing work lovely x

  8. This post is really intriguing. I don't think about it much but I guess I am drawn more towards guys who are funny, confident (without being arrogant) and intellectual! x
    Megan | http://megaanalicec.blogspot.co.uk