A Master's Program? Maybe.

Lately I've been toying with the idea of attaining my master's degree since my job search is horrendous. Why would I consider this? It works in my favor of not having a "job" because I can easily explain that I was focusing on my master's program and didn't want the stress of a "real job" on top of going back to school. It is a way to avoid looking less desirable and, in this crappy job market, you have to do everything within your power to set yourself apart. 

What schools have I been considering and what programs have I been looking into? Loads! Honestly, I've toyed with New York University's, Columbia University's and Harvard University's MBA program for a master's degree in marketing. I've also looked into Rutgers University for their mini digital marketing master's program as it can be done in a semester and would cost under five grand. These schools are incredible in their own right and another degree, especially from one of these, would, in theory, boost my desirability. 

As of right now I've just toying with the idea of going back for my master's. I suppose if my job search continues to be a nightmare it will be the only option in order to be competitive in one of the most competitive cities in the freaking world. I love where I live and I love Manhattan but the competition is cutthroat, especially in the creative field. Everyone wants 5+ years of experience for a jobs someone right out of college could do with minimal guidance. It's annoying, frustrating and downright outrageous. If you aren't hiring someone out of college, how do you expect of them to gain experience? Is there an experience unicorn out there I don't know about? Overall, I suppose I'll be checking back in come November to let you all know of what my master's decision has come to! 



  1. I am studying last year of my degree economic and managment and I'm already thinking about a master degree.Marketing is so great.good luck xo