Review | Stripped Bounty by Dorothy F. Shaw

Overview Protecting her isn’t an option. It’s a requirement.

Badger finally got Rosie in his bed, but in order to keep her there, he has to figure out how to save her life. 

After her drug-running husband gets himself killed, Rosie Santini figures Phoenix is a fine place to get a fresh start. Deuce’s strip club isn’t too fresh, but the money’s easy. As she works the pole, the only gaze she can’t ignore belongs to the club’s head bouncer, Badger Baxter. But Rosie’s seen her fair share of tall, dark, and dangerous, and no way is she heading down that road. Not even for a hot hunk of muscle like Badger.

When he’s not bounty hunting, Badger runs security at Deuce’s. Rosie should be just another piece of fresh meat in the club’s stable of pole jockeys, but all her sexy parts add up to a ride Badger would like to test drive. Trouble is, Badger likes his women submissive, but not broken. She’s definitely got baggage he wants no part of. But when her husband’s killer shows up looking for stolen cash, she fits naturally under his protection—and it isn’t long before she’s hooked deep into his heart.

So deep, losing her now would make him bleed in more ways than one.

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Publishing Date: August 9, 2016
My Review:  4 tall,dark and dangerous stars. I have been reading Dorothy F. Shaw's work since early last year and this book intrigued me because I've never read about a bounty hunter before. Also, I know Shaw tends to write vivid and steamy sex scenes which is my kind of book. She didn't let me down and this book was quite the read. 

The story kicks off with Rosie getting woken up in the middle of the night and then her decision to pack up from the east coast and to move to almost on the other coast. She lands herself in a strip club looking for work and with nothing available but the pole, she sucks it up and tries out. She's no stranger to stripping, but she would have preferred to not get back to doing it. She's got spirit, spunk, backbone and a good heart. Rosie is hilarious yet sweet. 

"Here you go, Miss Rosie."
"Why thank you, sir." Rosie took the glass from him and looked to Sabby. "Shall we toa-"
"Woman, only you'd wear a dress like that and be holding a wine glass with fruit floating in it."

Badger, or shall I call him Drew? I'll stick with Badger since that's his name for over 50 percent of the book. He's kind of an asshole because he's attracted to Rosie but doesn't want to be. He doesn't "do" strippers and when she becomes one she disappoints him a bit. He really wanted her to not be a stripper but that doesn't stop him from watching her on stage every night. It doesn't stop him from lusting after her which in turn frustrates him causing him to be an asshole to Rosie. Badger's a gruff man of a dominant nature who has a side to him that is tender and caring. He's like a roast marshmallow, rough on the outside and gooey in the middle. 

Shit. "Badger..."
"Shhh." He slid his palm up her side to just below her breast and Rosie bit her bottom lip to keep herself from moaning. His hardened gaze dropped to her mouth and then back to her eyes. "Goddamn. Can't figure you out. Been trying since you walked in the bar that first day. So fucking different. Something behind your eyes, too. Hurt. Pain. Anger. Whatever it is, it's baggage..."His voice was low, almost a whisper, but with a gravely tone to it that vibrated through her entire body, settling between her thighs.

Badger and Rosie's story comes together one faithful night that throws her into his protection. From there on, the two are living together and screwing like rabbits. Badger can't get enough of Rosie and Rosie takes whatever Badger gives her. The problem is that Rosie's issue is bigger than can be imagined and that sex isn't all that is between Rosie and Badger. Feelings begin to rear their ugly heads, only further making the situation more dangerous. There's a happy ending, some sweet, sentimental moments and some seriously fist-grabbingly hot sex.