Review | Lady and the Champ by Katherine Lace

OverviewHe’s a single dad, and he needs a lady  

I massage naked guys for a living, but it’s strictly business. As a physical therapist, I get my hands on the hottest guys in sports, but I’m a professional. I have rules. 

And I’m *this* close to breaking every one of them. 

It’s all his fault: Austin “The Champ” Sherwood, the gorgeous football god. He’s most valuable on the field, and most desired in the bedroom. He’s my obnoxious patient. I hate him. I want him. But we’re forced together as he's recovering from a season-ending injury. 

Rejecting him should be easy. I shouldn’t want to date a client, but my heart melts when I see him with his baby daughter. A football god who’s not a player? He's a dream-come-true, but I can’t date him. Our forbidden romance could get me fired. 

But what will we lose if we walk away?

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Publishing Date: July 3, 2016
My Review:  4 riled up and perfectly unprofessional stars. The book kicks off with Austin and Chloe meeting for the first time. It is obvious to see that both are aware and physically attracted to the other. They verbally spar because Chloe is struggling to remain professional and Austin enjoys getting a rise out of her. In short, the book sets up the rest of it and makes sure you're interested from page one. 

"'Doc' has a nice ring to it."
He's an important client. Don't tell him to shut up. "I prefer Chloe."
"So we're on first name basis already?"
I know he's baiting me, and I'm an idiot for letting him get to me.
Not going to work, buddy. "What makes you say that?"
"The fact that I'm naked and you're lubing me up."
Oh my God. He did not just say that. "Mr. Sherwood."
His grins widens. "I thought we were past the formalities?"

Chloe is a physical therapist who has been burned in love and almost lost her career. She's once bitten, twice shy. It drives her nuts how arrogant and gorgeous Austin is and the fact that she notices how gorgeous he is. He gets under her skin and when she meets his young daughter things shift quickly. It was easy to like Chloe because she was real, smart and compassionate.  

Blood roars in my ears. "Mr. Sherwood, I am your physical therapist. If you can't behave like a professional, I'll leave you and one of the men will finish you."

Finish you.
My cheeks blaze as a wicked smile spreads across his face. "I'm not even touching that one."
"I appreciate that."
"I totally could, but I won't. Because I'm a gentleman."

Honestly, Austin made me laugh so hard most of the book because of his comments and attitude. He has confidence in spades and is smarter than most people give him credit for. He's comfortable verbally sparring and can bring out ten dollar words. Austin is more than he appears, he's sweet, loyal and a genuinely good guy.