In the time of instant gratification and always being connected, we forget to take time out for ourselves. I don't mean the time you have to shower or brush your teeth, I mean literal time for yourself to do things you want to do or relax. With everything moving so fast, we get caught up in life. I  know I'm guilty of forgetting that I have to say no to things and just have time for myself.

You might be thinking, "What does time for myself look like?". It looks like spending two hours reading that book you keep saying you want to read. It looks like going to get that manicure and pedicure you've been putting off. It looks like getting that facial you've been rescheduling. It looks like going for that midday, morning or evening jog. It looks like relaxing in a long bubble bath with some wine. Need I go on? 

Doing things just for your own pleasure may sound selfish but it is important to be selfish sometimes. You can't continuously give your time and life to others, you have to do things for yourself. Your happiness is the most important, before your partner or any family member. I know the younger generation gets called selfish all the time but it shouldn't be a bad thing. Why is it bad to take time for yourself and be concerned with yourself instead of running yourself ragged for others? The correct answer is that it is okay to be selfish.