Sometimes I think females get so caught up in wanting to be with someone that we forget to hold tight to our standards because society tells you that you aren't fulfilled if you are single. I hate that because no one outside of maybe parents balk when a guy is single for a prolonged period of time or is past 30 and unmarried. Women still are seen as baby makers and property pieces, meant to be beautiful to look at and in a relationship. It's really bothersome and that's why I think so many of us struggle to realize someone isn't worthy of us. 

It's perfectly okay to realize a guy isn't worth your time or energy. Seriously, fuckboys and douchebags are beneath you. Yeah, you read that right, someone can be beneath you and if the person isn't willing to give you what you deserve then that person is beneath you. There's always a hierarchy of people and I don't mean to be crass but it is a way of life. Don't settle because it only wastes your time and bites you in the end. It's okay to think, "this guy is so not worthy of me so I'm not going out with him." It's okay to say you aren't interested in pursing a relationship or going on another date. You don't owe that guy anything. 

Where is all of this coming from? I guess I'm projecting a bit because I'm just frustrated with the way my generation handles dating and relationships. Seriously, I can't deal with this crap. Call me an old soul or old school, but freaking talk to me. Chase me, want to be around me, take me on dates, call me and so forth. Don't play that stupid game where you act hot and cold and don't be a fuckboy only looking to get into my pants. If that's your endgame, say it up front so I can be upfront and say I'm not interested. Don't emotionally string me along and hide behind false smiles and lofty promises. You, douchebag that played with my emotions, are beneath me. Honestly? I'm too fucking good for you and that's not me being arrogant, it's a fact. 

Basically, I think I hope you lovely readers take away from this that you can hold tight to your standards and your morals. It's okay to realize someone isn't worthy of all you can bring to the table because what they bring isn't anything other than lackluster and false promises.