With all the social media at our fingertips, people attempt to paint their lives to be perfect and charmed, we forget perfection doesn't actually exist. People have bad days, flaws and so on. It's important to realize your flaws and own them. Everyone on this planet has at least three flaws, some are just better at appearing perfect than others. For me, I'm very aware of who I am as a person and that means I'm quite aware of my own flaws. 

I have an obsessive and addictive personality. I obsess over quite a few things and exert a lot of energy going after something or someone I've set my sights on. For instance, my job hunt: I'm obsessed with landing a job I really want which means I've applied to almost 500 jobs. While it is a flaw, it can also be a strength and that's what I try to keep it as. It can definitely overwhelm a love interest if he isn't feeling the same way I am and that can be problematic. Having an addictive personality means once I'm hooked, I'm totally enslaved and it can be really hard to snap out of it. Think of binge watching a show because you can't stop? Kind of like that. 

I have a pretty short temper and am a nightmare to deal with when stressed or during my time of the month. I am snappy, overly aggressive and downright nasty. I honestly question how my close friends and family deal with me sometimes because I'm like the Queen of Hell. I suppose they take it for what it is, not them, but something that is unique to me and my own flaw. 

I am a manipulator. Yes, you read that right, I manipulate people. I'm the Queen of Manipulation and while it is quite negative usually, it can come in handy. I'm abrasive yet persuasive. I'm clever, observant and able to understand how a person needs to be handled in order to be manipulated without them even realizing it. It is a blessing and a curse because the power of manipulation can be a heady tool when it comes to surviving in the world. I think most people are manipulators at some level, I just am aware of how good I am at it. However, I tend to not manipulate people close to me and that I care about.

Have you come to terms with your own flaws? What are they? Have you learned to use them in a good light or are they things you just ignore and try to put away?