An Interview with a Brit

This post came about because I was just tweeting out thought processes and Gabby responded liking the idea of collaborating. Then, this post was born! I hope you enjoy it. 

Meet Gabby: Gabby is a university (college) student studying in London, England. She loves books, champagne, gossip columns and Thai food. Her blog is Wildishly

Why is the train called the tube? Well actually, we have both trains and tubes. Train stations serve both the intercity and commuter networks and run above ground whereas tubes are what you Americans call a ‘subway’ system since they work underground.

Do you know any major US cities besides NYC and LA? 
Well off the top of my head I only know Miami and Chicago, and that’s pretty much it. I feel like I should know way more. This is shameful.

Why is fit used as a word to describe someone really attractive? 
It’s really just the British version of ‘hot’. I guess to everyone who isn’t British it sounds like we are saying that they are really "healthy" or something but we actual mean is that we find them attractive. If you are from across the pond I see how this may confuse you. 

Have you ever been to Scotland or N
orthern Ireland?

I’ve never been to Northern Ireland but I have been to Scotland a couple times to see some friends and look at the university. It was really cold (colder than England!) so I tend not to spend too much time up there!

Was Shakespeare made to be a big deal in your literature classes?

The amount of Shakespeare I have had to study in my years of education is insane! Since I was 11 I’ve had to study Shakespeare, and now I’ve grown attached to him honestly. I can quote like 73% of Romeo and Juliet from memory.

What other European countries have you been to? 
Surprisingly, I haven’t been to that many! France and Spain are main ones I have travelled too since a lot of British schools have exchanged programmes with kids from those countries. Oh and Switzerland once, it was really cool. It’s been my aim to travel to a couple more European places before I venture out more into the world.  

Can you spot a tourist in London from a city regular?
Most definitely. Tourists in London tend to come equipped with massive cameras and a constant look of confusion when looking at British train/tubes maps. Any city regular will be speed walking with coffee in hand trying to escape the ‘work rush’ on the commute around London. It’s actually quite a funny sight to see. 

What is the American city you want to visit the most? 

Recently I have fallen in love with the idea of going to New York! I am really looking to book tickets to go in December. I really want to go and see Ellis Island, MOMA, the statue of Liberty, Coney Island, and Central park. Honestly, this list could go on forever, I am obsessed!!  

What does England do for the 4th of July since that's America's Independence Day?

Hmm. I think England may still be a little bitter about that since it really not a big celebration on July 4th. I know it’s a really big deal in the US but it’s just a normal day for us Brits.



  1. loved this post, and as a brit I can relate to the answers!

    Lizzie ( X

  2. This is so cute! I'm British myself so I was laughing away at these answers! I completely agree about tourists being supe noticeable in London 😂 I've studied quite a bit of Shakespeare too - I loved literature classes!

    Abbey ✨

  3. This is such a cute idea! From Ireland myself so couldn't really relate so sound is super interesting.

  4. I absolutely loved this post! I'm British and I find it really cool looking at the differences particularly between Britain and The USA. I totally agreed with the touristy thing in London, was quite funny to read!

    Is there going to be a second part, where you're asked questions? That would be so much fun to read :)

    Much love, Georgia xxx

  5. Yeah the 4th of July isn't anything special for us in Britain! People like me just get jealous watching all the celebration videos on YouTube though!
    Aleeha xXx