It is no secret that I've been on loads of interviews, some were memorable and some were not. Some I thought I did really well at while others I left feeling like it was a complete mess. Having said that, there was a particular interview that I left feeling uncomfortable and slightly confused. I don't think I did poorly, I think I did really great, but something during the interview really threw me for a loop. This interview horror story is one that I hope no one ever has to live because it sucks. 

During an in-person interview, I was with two account executives. They were friendly enough while shaking my hand and leading me to the conference room where we would be for the next thirty or so minutes while they figured out if I would be worth it to bring on to the team and I would spend my time attempting to prove to them I deserved to be hired. Not too long into the interview, I notice one of the executives blatantly on her phone. At first I ignored it because I kind of assumed it was an important email. After a few minutes it began to make me very uncomfortable. 

I would love to say it got better but it really didn't. Not only was the one executive blatantly on her phone for over ten minutes, but when she wasn't on her phone she was looking out through the glass of the conference room as if she would rather be anywhere but in the room interviewing me. Seriously, it was confusing, disconcerting and downright rude. Her job as an interviewer was to pay attention to me talk, ask me questions and stay actively engaged to ensure I felt comfortable but she did the exact opposite. 

It was so mind boggling to me because I know interview etiquette and what happened went against every kind of rule on the planet. Her phone usage and dismissive attitude was distracting and put me on edge. I should hope I never encounter that again but I'm sure I will since the world is far from perfect. I just thought to share my experience because it really bothered me and I hope to inform others that it isn't okay if this happens and you have to keep yourself together and continue forward.