Review | Piper Dreams Part 3 by Amelie S. Duncan

Overview The ups and downs of love and living have brought Piper low then raised her to the heights of devotion – but things can never seem to stay easy. After finding herself back in Boston with Brody’s love potentially secured, he leaves her yet again, spawning questions that receive a devastating answer, leading Brody back to Seren’s side, without telling Piper. and without telling her a secret that may change both of their lives. 

When she gets the call, Piper does the only thing she can do – hop a plane and go to Colorado Springs. Her family needs her, her friends need her and Brody needs her, even if he will not admit it. There, Piper’s life continues its tumultuous spiral as revelations and hard truths are spoken and the glowing light that binds them all threatens to burn out.

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Publishing Date: June 26, 2016
My Review:  4 life is meant to be lived to the fullest stars. The last installment in Piper and Brody's story comes with a few really moving moments. Piper and Brody prove that love can truly conquer all and is enough to live and fight for. There are moments of joy, moments of heartbreak and moments of great sadness. It's a fabulous conclusion to such an enthralling journey. 

Piper and Brody have to struggle to keep themselves together with a few curves thrown at them from internal to external. As a couple, they have to grow together and carve out their own happiness and future. As separate people, they have to grow and truly focus on what would make them better people and what is the meaning of important. 

With Seren's death, Cole falls off to the wayside due to his heartbreak. He comes around eventually, but struggles a lot. He lost the love of his life, and Brody and Piper are having a baby. It's devastating and heart wrenching but he comes around and stays close to Piper and Brody. 

The final chapter concludes with a beautiful ending of happiness for not only Piper and Brody, but also for Cole. The undertone of the entire series comes full force at the end of this novel: be happy and enjoy life, take all the necessary risks, and love honestly. I have to say that, yet again, Amelie S. Duncan has entertained, pleased and captivated me with her work.



  1. Thank you very much for reviewing the series :D Amelie