A Weekend in Miami

Last Friday I jumped on a plane from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida. My mother had a conference to attend while my father, youngest brother and I were tagging along to enjoy South Beach, the Cuban food and the Floridian weather. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some delicious food. 

The Hotel 

My parents booked the Intercontinental Miami which is located on the bay and about fifteen minutes across a bridge from South Beach. The hotel was fabulous. Honestly, I'd go back just to stay at the hotel and enjoy what it had to offer without ever leaving it. 

On the lobby level there's a restaurant/bar, Starbucks, gift shop and ice cream shop. There's a hotel pool, spa and bar/restaurant located on the fifth floor. Did I mention there's also a DJ? Yeah, wicked! 

The hotel staff all were fabulous. Since we rented a car and had parking included in our hotel fees, the valet would pick up your car, open and close your doors and bring your car around. The staff always offered to help with luggage, opening and holding doors and asked how your day/night was. Overall, the hotel experience was fabulous. 

The Restaurants 

Larios on the Beach (South Beach) - This was the first place my family and I ate at and it was delicious. It is Cuban cuisine and the food was fantastic, flavorful and mind-blowing. I had the skirt steak with black beans and white rice. For appetizers we picked the assorted empanadas and papas rellenas (it is a fried potato ball filled with ground beef). This restaurant is a bit pricey but so worth it because the food is perfect.

Sergio's (Miami) - This is more of a local place to eat and I found the flavor of the food was good but the quite as out-of-this-world as the previous Cuban restaurant  Having said that, the prices were super cheap and a lot of food was given. I chose to have tostones (fried green plantains) and black beans with white rice. The service was pretty quick and the prices were cheap so it was a win.

News Cafe (South Beach) - This is more American food and I picked it for its location and because I wanted brunch cuisine the Sunday before we left. The atmosphere is adorable with a view of South Beach, Menus that look like newspapers and old photographs of celebrities adorning the walls. I had pancakes with fresh fruit and it was delicious but then again pancakes are hard to mess up, right? 



  1. I live in Florida, and sadly have never been to Miami! I've been near! Just never took the plunge! Love your pictures! They're beautiful!

  2. I really want to go to Miami now because of this post. It looks like there was a great variety of food and it looks like a beautiful place.