5 Shows to See on Broadway

I'm a lover of theatre and believe that everyone can love a live Broadway play if they see the right one. Below are my top five shows to see on Broadway. You only live this life once so make sure to take in all that you can and see a Broadway play at least once! I should point out that all of these are musicals, though.

1. Hamilton - Is there really a reason not to see this show?! First of all, it highlights marginalized actors and has them all in major roles rather than just hidden somewhere in the ensemble. Second, the music is just incredible and so catchy. Seriously, I find myself singing the songs randomly while I'm like drinking tea. Third, the show itself will keep you engaged and entertained from the moment it starts until the final bow. Honestly, this is by far one of the best musicals to hit Broadway and I don't just say this because the creator is Puerto Rican.

2. Aladdin - Hello, it's a DISNEY movie turned musical. That right there should tell you to go see it because Aladdin was an amazing movie and it is such a sick show on Broadway. I'm a musical lover and this show's music is awesome. Personally, what made the show for me was Genie. You'll totally want to take Genie and Carpet home with you, I promise!

3. An American in Paris - I've loved this movie ever since I was a young child and when I heard it was coming to Broadway I got so excited. A little less than a year after the show opened I finally had time to go see it and I was in love. The acting, the magic, the dancing and the music was phenomenal. If you can only see one show, this is definitely the one to see in my opinion. It's beautiful, witty and sweet all at the same time.

4. Wicked - If we can't have The Wizard of Oz on Broadway why not something in that realm but focuses on the witches? Well, that's Wicked for you. It's a musical, of course, but it's a great story and really just a fabulous play.

5. The Lion King - This is one of the most acclaimed shows to ever touch Broadway and it deserves that fame. It's so captivating with the story line, the costumes and the music that you will forever remember the details. I promise you won't regret seeing this no matter your age because it's just that good. Yet again, another play adapted from a movie so you know if you liked the movie you will like the play, probably better.