Things Light Skinned Hispanic/Latinos Hear

1. "You don't look Hispanic or Latino" - I didn't realize there is a specific look. Thanks for informing me there was.

2. "Prove you're Hispanic or Latino" - What the hell is up with people saying this? Why do I need to prove my own culture/ethnicity? You go prove you are what you, you idiot.

3. "I thought you were White" - I mean, this is by far the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. First of all, how boring is it to say, "I'm white"? That doesn't tell you your cultural roots, your bloodlines or anything. That is by far one of the dumbest things ever. Truthfully, NO ONE is white because no one is the color of chalk.

4. " So that means you're from Mexico, right?" - Oh, so anyone who is Hispanic/Latino just has to be from Mexico? No, you incompetent baboon, there are over 15 Hispanic nations so stop being such a closed-minded nitwit and actually think before you speak.

5. " I don't understand why you are so pale." - I don't understand why you're such a God damn idiot so we are so even.

6. " Why don't you have an accent?" - Oh, you are such a tool. Why don't you have a German or French accent? Maybe because I'm born and raised in the United States so I have an AMERICAN accent? I don't know, dude, maybe I'm a naturalized American.