Review | Bought by Nicolette Hugo

Overview One woman fighting for her future, two men trapped by their past … 

One taste of Jerricho Black, Dom for hire, and Scarlet Bailey knows she’s made a big mistake. It's not the sting of his crop but the intimacy that makes her come undone. The threat made all the more real when her husband hires his services for the next forty days. 

Wrongly suspected of a crime he didn’t commit, on the run and in trouble, Jerricho needs the money Killian Bailey offers him. Sleeping with another man’s wife is nothing personal, but every day Scarlet slips deeper into his blood. 

Killian tells himself he is not worthy of his wife, not after she got hurt on his watch, and not until he gets his revenge. Now he’s hired a man to give Scarlet what he can’t. So why does he want to hit the man? 

Sometimes home feels strange and a stranger feels like home … sometimes the only redemption you find is the one you bought.

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Publishing Date: April 16, 2016
Stars: 3.5 
My Review:  3.5 interesting, steamy and confusing stars. I read another book by Nicolette Hugo and loved her writing so when I saw this I wanted to read it. The overview was tantalizing and so in I jumped. I pride myself on being able to be as open-minded as possible when it comes to exploring the darker, more complex regions of relationships and sexuality which is why I can even try Hugo's stuff because it's most definitely not for the faint of heart. Having said all of that, I wanted to love this story but found I couldn't. I did like it, though, and the writing was pretty spectacular because Hugo's vivid in her writing style. 

I struggled to understand why Killian and Scarlet couldn't move past their own issues. I found Killian to be weak which is funny considering he's supposed to be a dominant man and of that lifestyle. He actually annoyed me to the point where whenever he was mentioned I found myself rolling my eyes. The disconnect between Killian and Scarlet really made me struggle to enjoy this story. I don't mind open marriages even if I don't ever see myself having one, but this not getting past the issue to have a real marriage drove me nuts. 

Jericho and Scarlet kind of kept me reading the book. I liked their dynamic even when emotions weren't really supposed to be on the table. The trust between the two and the care was endearing. The sex between the two was hotter than the fiery pits of Hell and I was totally on board with that. Overall, if you're into the darker side of romance and erotic play then this is probably a good bet for you.