Graduation Day Things to Remember

I graduated this week and there are a few things I realized I should share with all of you that haven't graduated college yet. I'm hoping it will make graduation go smoother for you! Congratulations on making it to a major milestone. You are awesome!

1. Bring a Portable Charger! - I can't tell you how many people's phones were dead like an hour into graduation because they had been using it so much and didn't bring a portable charger. I totally had mine and was fine until like 8 p.m. which made life sweet for me. You can use your phone all throughout graduation to entertain yourself because it can be kind of long and boring but remember to put it away when you're going to walk across the stage!

2. Bring Snacks! - My graduation was like five hours of foodless Hell. I totally forgot my snacks in my purse which I left in the car. Bring snacks because you're totally going to need it, especially if your graduation is set for morning to early afternoon.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes! - I know the temptation as a female is to wear high heels but if you can't walk in them or they aren't comfortable after the first hour, do not wear them! You'll thank me later. I saw at least four girls almost fall as they walked across the stage because they couldn't walk in the heels they were wearing. It's totally okay to wear cute sandals or flats during the ceremony and change afterwards for pictures.

4. Don't Bring Your Purse! - This is kind of a duh moment but still needs to be said. There really isn't any place to put it and it really isn't needed. I left mine in the car. All you need is your phone, yourself, your cap, your gown, your portable charger and food!



  1. I totally agree about bringing food during the graduation ceremony. Even tho the rules says not to bring any drinks/food inside, but it's just ridiculous! I had to get ready since early morning, didn't have time to have breakfast cause we had to leave early so we get a parking spot, and they expect me not to sneak some food & drink in and starve myself until it pass the lunch time already? Nope :P

    Sitha >> <<

  2. All very relevant and important things to have!

    Single Vegas Girl