Bitch Problems

I honestly think I'm called a bitch both in a bad way and good way at least two times a day. The good way comes from people who are in awe of my no-bull shit attitude and the bad way comes from the people I intimidate and probably offend. If you're a bitch, you'll probably find yourself nodding and agreeing to pretty much everything I have in this post.

1. Intimidating people is the norm - Anyone labeled a bitch intimidates others. It's a reality that can't be ignored. Half of the people who call me a bitch are intimidated by me and so that is the word they use. If you intimidate someone, own it, don't run from it. It is better to intimidate than to be walked all over.

2. Directness is seen as rude - I say things as directly and concisely as possible most times because I don't like to leave a lot of room for error. This comes off to many as rude and is usually a trait found in the northeastern part of the United States, mainly the New York Tri-State area. I also like things to be moved along which is why I'm so direct, my patience is pretty much nonexistent. I think I've been called rude more times than I can count simply because of my direct nature.

3. There's no such thing as being neutral - Bitches tend to have strong opinions and have no issue vocalizing them which means you're almost never neutral. I know I struggle with remaining neutral because of this. It is what it is and I take it in stride.

4. Not settling for less than you deserve - If you've been labeled a bitch, the chances of you having gone after what you deserve or leaving someone/something you think is less than you deserve is pretty high. Once again, it comes with the territory and you should bask in it because it means you'll never settle because who should settle? Settling is for those who think they don't deserve greatness and that isn't for me.

5. The word bitch doesn't offend you - Any female with a strong opinion, personality and who is vocal is going to be labeled a bitch. The term doesn't offend me because I own it. No, you're not going to walk all over me. Yeah, I'm going to call you out on your crap. No, I don't care if I offend you or hurt your feelings when you aren't being a good person or are treating me like crap. Yeah, I'm going to go after what I want and won't stop until I have it or deem it isn't actually what I desire. Bitch is just another word and if you let it bother you, you probably really aren't one, but if you own then love it. I have a tea mug that reads "Queen Bitch" and love it.



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  2. Oh my God I just love this :'D Thanks for putting me back down to earth and making realize I'm not such a bad person after all ;)

    Kinga | Miss Glamorous Sweatpants

  3. This, this, this a thousand times this!

    I'm a closet bitch. My friend's often wonder why people like me because of how awful I am. It's like, I mastered the art of bitchy and I can be so awful, and somehow, people still like me. Which is good and bad depending on the person haha :)

    xx Growing Up Molly