Shows I'm Hooked On

1. Scandal - The main character is a Black woman who is not only well-educated, but also brilliant, an owner of her own company and confident. The show tackles major issues that come up in American society as well as politics. It shows how issues can be multi-dimensional and how things are really viewed on a massive scale even when people want to believe we are so "forward" thinking. The show has drama, action, passion and a whole lot of laughs rolled into it. In short, watch the damn show!

2. Lucifer - This show is brand new and has had maybe ten episodes but it's hooked me good. The show is centered around Lucifer Morningstar, Satan/The Devil, because he decides he's tired of being the ruler of Hell and wants a vacation in Los Angeles. He's arrogant, he's sexual, he's a manwhore, he's rich, he's good-looking and he's just fascinating. The show is just awesome so go watch it.

3. Quantico - This is action-packed, sexy and mind-fucking. You think you have things all figured out and then another curve ball gets thrown your way and you run around screaming. The main character is yet another women, an Indian women, who is clever, crafty, kick-ass and confident. The show flips between the past when the characters are training for the FBI at Quanitco to the present where's there's a terrorist on the lose. The show's fast-paced and totally has me on board.



  1. I've heard a lot about Lucifer. I think I really should watch it, but all of them sound really good! I've been hooked on Once upon a Time lately :D Great choices xx

  2. I adore scandal! Olivia Pope is a great character!

  3. I loveeeee scandal, and I love Shonda Rhimes!
    I've just started watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm hoooooked, majorly!
    Like scandal, I love the diversity of the characters.

  4. Absolutely adore scandal! And now you've given me new shows to watch!


  5. Scandal is such an amazing show! I need to start watching Quantico because the story/characters sound amazing. ^_^