1. Breaking out! - Over 85% of females suffer from "period acne" which is hormone based acne that usually crops up on the cheeks and chin area because your time of the month is usually when your hormones are running rampant which means acne, yay!

2. Bloating! - Do not go clothing shopping or weigh yourself right before, during or even right after your period because you will regret it. You literally gain around five pounds from water retention which leads to bloating because of your period. It's a mess so just don't do it.

3. Random cravings! - So many people think it's a joke but it is so not. I'm not a pizza lover but during my period, I crave it usually once. Also, some of your cravings don't even make sense because it's kind of like being pregnant and that's just freaking annoying.

4. Cramps! - Over 50% of women that menstruate suffer from mild to severe cramping. It sucks! It's miserable and all you want to do is be curled up in bed with a heating pad and pop pain pills. The struggle is real and I'm totally one of the 20% of females who get it so bad that we require prescription pills to manage the pain! Eck.

5. Emotions! - You can always tell when I'm on my period or just about to get it because I'm more emotional than normal. I'm cranky, bitchy, highly-strung and whiney. It's a mess and this is true for at least 50% of the population that menstruates. It sucks and can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. Damn you hormones, stop messing with me!