5 Adulting Tips

1. Laundry should be separated into more than two groups - There are delicates, dark colors, light colors, whites and dry-clean only piles and if you aren't doing these then your poor clothes are probably discolored and a mess. The reason to separate clothing out like this is because a lot of darker colors bleed when getting washed. Also, dry-clean only should be pretty obvious as you aren't washing them but taking them to the dry-cleaner. It is also important to note that items like cashmere sweaters do NOT get tossed into the dryer, please read the care tags!

2. Keep a running list or an Excel spreadsheet of your monthly bills, income and spending - I personally just keep a tab of all my bills, my income and then at the end of the month tally what I spent for leisure/pleasure (I usually budget this around $300-$400 monthly). This makes sure you not only pay your bills on time, but also know what's in your bank account and what you can and cannot afford to do. Make sure you factor in a gas allowance, train/bus pass and what have you as a bill.

3. Select days of the week for cleaning and laundry - If you create a routine, you'll never worry about not having clean clothes, not having a clean toilet and so forth. I usually clean on Wednesdays/Saturdays and do laundry on Sundays. I clean twice a week, not including the random wiping down of countertops or picking up clothes, to keep everything dust free and actually clean.

4. Credit cards are needed to build up credit - Having one or two credit cards that you use for every day things like gas, food or something that you know you can make at least two payments a month on is important. Credit is built up faster when you pay twice a month and keep a low balance on your credit card. Having a car loan also helps but I realize that managing a credit card is way easier than managing a car payment!

5. Plan nights out with friends and/or your significant other - I know not everyone is a planner but actually having dates on the calendar for that "girls brunch" or "movie date night" actually forces you to go out and destress from the life grind. It is important to be social and not always hide from the world or work yourself to death. Life is meant to be lived so don't let it pass you by. Time management and work/life balance is a big part of being an adult.



  1. Lovely post! Really great tips. I definitely agree on 'Plan nights out with friends and/or your significant other' as adults, our lives are often so busy, balancing work, family, friends etc, that we forget to spend time with the people we care about. Everyones needs to unwind and have a little fun once in a while!

    Megan x


  2. These are all essential when it comes to adulting, great post! Btw, I nominated your blog for the Miranda SIngs Awards. Check it out if you're interested! Have a great day!

    Gabrielle | The Gift of Gab

  3. Fun post! We could all use adulting tips sometimes, especially those who are graduating high school and/or college soon. I especially like the one about planning evenings out with friends or a significant other. It really IS a good thing to make sure you are doing fun things and not stressing too much about life.


  4. Ha! I really loooove this post! Especially for the days when adulting seems out of reach lol
    Love the balance of your tips also. Practical but also reminding us to take care of ourselves socially :) Love your blog BTW


  5. Such good adulating tips, I moved away from my parents in August and am still learning about these kind of things. I must admit I neglect my clothes and sort them into darks and lights :/ oops! xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte