1. Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline New York- I picked it up since it wasn't in the double digits as far as price and everyone raved about it to just find it average. It wasn't anything special and the only reason I continue to use it is because I paid for it.

2. MAC Products- First of all, MAC was created for professional use such as photo shoots and theatre to where heavy makeup is needed in order to not sweat it off within a few minutes due to the amount of lights which right there tells you it won't work for me. MAC's stuff is heavy and cakey and just so not for me so I don't use anything by them and probably never will.

3. Beauty Blender- I picked it up because a makeup artist at Sephora pushed it on me. I figured it wouldn't hurt and ended up hating it. What a waste of $20! It just did nothing for me and I threw it away after one try.

4. Tarte eyeshadow palettes- I like a lot of Tarte's stuff but their eyeshadows don't work for me because they are too hard to blend. I think the eyeshadows are meant for people who are super comfortable with makeup and that most certainly is not me. A makeup artist used one of the palettes on me when I had a Bar Mitzvah to go to and I liked the way it looked but I can't use it on myself.

5. Contour palettes- I don't like contouring at all so a contour palette is completely useless to me. In short, not a fan of contouring thus not a fan of a contour palette.