Things Attractive Women Take For Granted

1. Being flirted with- When you're attractive, people flirt with you more. It is just natural because they find you attractive. It can offend some people but overall when you're being flirted with you should realize it is because someone finds you appealing.

2. People are more likely to go out of their way for you- This is something people don't even realize but let me place it into real life terms. In a real-life scenario, think of how attractive females get offered help by guys when carrying heavy boxes, trying to take down something from an overhead bin on an airplane and so forth. Yep, a privilege in and of itself that gets taken for granted.

3. Getting free drinks and/or food- I think of the few times I've been at Starbucks and a guy in line behind me says he's with me and will pay for my order. I have never met this guy but because I'm an appealing female specimen, the guy paid for my drink. Did he have to? Nope. Did he do it because he found me attractive? Most likely.

4. The ease of meeting new people without effort on your part- Once again, people flock to what they find appealing which means strangers are more likely to strike up a conversation with someone they think is attractive, pretty, handsome and so forth. I find myself talking to strangers more because I find them attractive (not in a "I want to bang you seven ways to Sunday" way all the time) than because I have to talk to them. I think of the few times I've been in an elevator with attractive guys on my way to the office and they ask me how my commute was and tell me to have a lovely day. Most times people don't talk in elevators but because I was attractive, at least mildly, I got asked about my morning by random men.

5. Not necessarily needing makeup or much of it- Many females find themselves in love with using tons of makeup because they need to make themselves look pretty. Most naturally pretty people use minimal to little makeup (usually to hide acne or something of the like) and don't go out of their way to contour and so forth. Why mess with something that is working? Now, am I saying there are no pretty people who use tons of makeup? Nope. I'm saying on average, the prettier you are naturally, the less likely you are to use much, if any at all.

6. Getting complimented by complete strangers- Everyone gets compliments from their friends and family but usually strangers won't go out of their way to compliment someone unless they find they attractive in some light (sometimes people are envious). I think of the at least six times a week I am complimented on my hair or how lovely a smile I have.