Review | Piper Dreams: Makes it Happen by Amelie S. Duncan


Taking the easy road was my way 
Until the road trip 
Until Brody 
I’m not ready to let go… 

This is Part Two of a Three Part Contemporary Romance Trilogy.

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Publishing Date: March 15, 2016
Stars: 4.5 
My Review:  4.5 Brody is heartbreakingly incredible stars. This book picks up right where the first one left off and that, my friends, is where the heartache is. Piper finds herself struggling to pull everything together when she's nursing a broken heart and the loss of financial help from her mother. Brody struggles with his decision to let Piper go and in the process breaking her heart as well as his own. Emotionally charged, sexually charged and downright intoxicating.

Piper's life continues to shift as she's faced with the knowledge that Jorge, her best friend, is actually in love with her, that she will have to figure out a way to pay for college on her own, and that she and Brody might have a chance. Piper decides to sell her father's motorcycle in hopes of gaining enough money to pay for school which leads Brody right back to her. She never dreamed he'd be walking back into her life, that he'd want to see her and be with her, but there he was and he made his play.

Brody was in love with Piper. Yeah, he admitted it to himself and so makes the decision to do what he can for her and try. He knows his loyalties and love belong to Seren and Cole but he can't shake that Piper's part of him, too. He goes out of his way to fit Piper into his life and fit into her life. Things are shaky and strained but they somehow get it together until it all comes crashing down. 

The book leaves you on a cliffhanger but one that shows you that Piper has truly found herself. She makes a decision that will most likely alter her entire life but she is more than okay with that because she recognizes where her heart and loyalties truly lie. This book will keep you ensured in its world until the last word and leave you wanting to read the next one. As expected, Amelie S. Duncan has crafted yet another incredible read.



  1. Thank you Sam very much for reading the story. I'm really thrilled you enjoyed it-Amelie