Interviewing My Friends About Me

1. How long have we been friends?
Linor: Since fall 2014, so a year and a half? Right? My math is awful. 

Ella: We first started talking around February 2014 - so just over two years!

2. Do you remember your first impressions of me? If so, what were they?

Linor: Oh god, don't hate me. I remember the first time I talked to you was my first time taking a Caldiero class and I was talking to him about how I spoke four languages and you were like "I speak four languages, too" and I thought to myself "Who is this bitch?" I also remember thinking you were loud and spoke your mind, which I thought was really awesome. 

Ella: My first impressions were very circumstantial specific, as I realized you knew more about a certain topic than I figured someone normal that I’d run into online might know. As I started to talk to you more, I realized that hunch was right and kept flipping back and forth between thinking you were so good at lying and I was crazy for believing you or that you were actually telling the truth and I had actually stumbled upon someone with a connection to the very odd world of entertainment who had the same views on it as I did (the latter is true of course). It was so nice to meet someone who so intelligently and thoughtfully shared the same sentiments I did. 

3. Where are you from?

Linor: California 

Ella:  California/Colorado

4. Have I negatively or positively impacted your life? Explain.

Linor: Obviously negatively. Totally kidding. Very positively. Is so many ways. I gained an incredible friend who I know is always there for me and actually understand what it's like to have a multicultural background and a bunch on languages mixed up in your head. You're always there when I need advice, whether it's about an email or a boy. 

Ella: Definitely positively! It’s really nice to always have someone to talk to about literally everything. You also just have the best advice, as you’re so in touch with people and the world. 

5. What is it like being my friend? Explain in six words or less.

Linor: There is always an adventure around the corner. (It's 8 words, sue me)

Ella: Puts better words in my mouth. 

6. What do we have in common? Where do we differ?

Linor: We're both from a multicultural backgrounds. Both are into PR. Both know what we want to do with our life. Both speak our minds. 

You know how to write emails very well where as me, well, I'm a mess when it comes to them. You aren't shy about anything. You have so much knowledge about makeup and I'm like lol what's concealer. You like chocolate where as I'm like /: about it.

We're pretty similar in a lot of things honestly. 

Ella: We have a lot of the same views and sentiments about the world. We value a lot of the same things, have a similar sense of humor, etc. However, from the outside we are quite different. You’re bright colors and all girl, and I’m monotone colors and a tom boy. I’m an engineer who can do math but struggles with words, your a communications major who is so eloquent.

7. How often do we talk?

Linor: Usually more than once a day, pretty much when I remember to answer cause I'm god awful at texting. 

Ella: 24/7 

8. If you could trade lives with me for one day, would you? Why or why not?

Linor: Nah, not because I don't think your life is fabulous and awesome but because I like mine, plus I get to hear about your life all the time anyways.

Ella: 100%. West coast, best coast, but I’d love to try out this communications, PR, east coast life for a bit.



  1. I LOVED reading this, such an interesting idea for a post and I loved what your friends had to say about you LOL. XO -Kim