Foundations Brands for Sensitive/Acne Prone Skin

1. Clinique - One of the oldest sensitive skin, acne prone skin makeup lines around, Clinique is pretty much always a safe bet regardless of the foundation option you choose. My only thing with Clinique is that you really ensure you get your color because not every foundation line will have it.

2. CoverFX - This is exclusively sold in Sephora, you can also buy it online, and is a niche company in that it is designed specifically for acne prone, sensitive skin. I've used pretty much every kind of foundation they have, without a primer, and found my skin didn't have any reaction which is AMAZING. I think my favorite product is the drops.

3. Tarte - I have to admit I was SUPER hesitant to try Tarte. The foundation they had out, since I wasn't looking for a BB cream, was way too thick. While I used it for a bit, it didn't make me happy. The new foundation lines, one exclusive to Ulta and one exclusive to Sephora, are the best things on this planet. I have them both because they are that amazing. The stuff doesn't bother the skin and covers well while lasting over six hours. It's like perfection.

4. IT - If you fit into one of the five shade options, I am jealous of you. While I have IT's liquid CC cream, it oxidizes too yellow for my skin tone and looks so bad on. The plus to the stuff is that it totally doesn't upset my skin which is fabulous and has SPF. This brand is still exclusive to Ulta.

5. Physicians Formula - This is kind of like IT in that there aren't many shade options, but if you fit into one of them it is awesome. It hides the stuff you want to be hidden while not upsetting your skin. Did I mention this is the cheapest option? It's drugstore priced and can be found in drugstores and Ulta.

6. Dermablend - This is like Ulta's version of CoverFX in that it is specifically designed for acne prone, sensitive skin and is exclusive to Ulta. I have a foundation that I use sparingly, only because it is so thick. The stuff has never upset my face and does cover well.

7. Pur - My mom suffers from rosacea and uses this exclusively. She loves the stuff and swears by it so I gave it a try. I don't particularly like powder because I don't feel like it hides my issues as flawless as a liquid but it did wear well. They have a liquid that also wore pretty well, as well. I tried these out when my skin was the least volatile and noticed neither didn't upset my skin which made the line a win for me. This is also exclusive to Ulta.

8. Dr. Jart's - I totally live by Dr. Jart's BB cream. It doesn't break me out and gives me decent coverage when I don't want to wear actual foundation but want to have an even complexion look. You can even get better coverage by using a concealer with this. I love it and swear by it.



  1. Aww is so nice of you to share these as my skin is very sensitive and i dont even own a foundation but ive been willing to get some. Lovely post, thank you for sharing this with us. Hope to see you join my giveaway !! Have a lovely week. xXx

    1. You're welcome. I think you should try the BB cream before going for full foundation. :)