Contouring is such a big thing and everyone always asks why I don't do it. Why? Simple, I don't like to look made up. I don't like all of that makeup on my face. I also don't like all the extra effort required to put it on. My nose doesn't need to be thinner, my cheek bones don't need to be more pronounced and I don't need to look like a different person. I find myself attractive with minimal help (hiding blemishes and under eye darkness).

Does that mean I'm condemning those that love contouring? No. I'm all about doing whatever makes you feel pretty. I don't have to agree with it or like it because it isn't my face. If you want to do all of that and put all of that makeup on your face, go for it. I'm glad you can do it because makeup is a freaking artistic skill not everyone has.

I also get asked why I use bronzer but not blush. First, I find blush annoying beyond compare. It is just something I don't even want to hear about. Second, blush doesn't do anything for me in my own opinion. I use bronzer because a lot of the times CC creams and foundations wash me out and I need to put some color back into my face. Third, the idea of adding more effort to my routine doesn't appeal to me. I say it all the time, I'm a minimalist and don't like putting forth loads of effort.

Having said this, when I get my makeup done professionally the artists tends to apply a bit of blush because she feels like she wants to. I let the artists have complete control and just tell them what products I can't use, what I normally use and give them an idea of what I'm wearing to best match it with makeup. A lot of artists ask me if I want a dramatic makeup change or to keep it natural and depending upon the event my answer changes. Overall, contouring and blush just aren't something I'm into and I doubt I'll ever be into.