Review | Savage Nights by Mia Gabriel

Overview Amid the glittering backdrop of London, a pleasure-loving lord and a sensually awakened American heiress give into the passion that burns them...and ignites their souls...

Evelyn Hart found the freedom to experience the most seductive pleasures in the arms of the Earl of Savage. But what began as a wickedly suggestive game amongst London's wealthiest elite is about to become a much deeper connection between the two—where more than desire is at risk...


Savage opens Evelyn's eyes to an intoxicating world—and her heart to the most powerful kind of love. But with a profoundly intense bond comes even greater danger. When jealousy smolders—and passion ignites—it is too late to stop. And with the fire between them burning fierce and hot, Savage and Evelyn are bound together to resist all that threatens to tear them apart...

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Publishing Date: February 2, 2016
Stars: 4
My Review:  4 savagely secretive, sexy and delicious stars. I picked up the first book in this series on a whim because the overview sounded interesting and it was set during the early 1900s making it even more interesting. Honestly, most Historical Romances aren't erotic like this series which separates it completely. I'm glad I read this second one because it was just as erotically potent and wickedly sexy as the first. Obviously, there were things I wasn't too fond of since it didn't get five blown away stars. 

Picking right up where the first book ended, Evelyn and Savage head to London to spend another week together as lovers. Things have to change when they are in London as Evelyn's reputation can be shattered by just enough hearsay which will make things at court and around the London upper society troublesome. There's a few twists and turns as would be expected now that the two are no longer hidden away in the country but in the city where Savage resides. 

Evelyn, since meeting Savage, has really found herself. She's not some simpering idiot by any means. She's knowledgeable, caring, flirtatious, clever and honest. While her time with Savage is meant to be a purely physical and sexual exploration, she finds herself blurring the lines and developing feelings of the man. She never says them plainly for fear of losing what little of him she is allowed to have. 

Being with Evelyn, Eve as Savage so fondly likes to call her, in London changes the Game whether Savage allows himself to realize it or not. Every moment spent together, every sexual encounter and every kiss seals his fate. The Earl cares for Evelyn far more than he planned and far more than he'd admit. 

The novel leaves you with a cliffhanger signaling yet another book in the series. I wasn't expecting it to be a trilogy or really any more than two books. The writing is descriptive, alluring and captivating. While I'm frustrated knowing I have to wait for another book to see where the two end up, Mia Gabriel's writing appeases my sense enough because she's a true talent.