Review | The Good Mistress by Amarie Avant

Overview Mila Ali’s fiancé, Warren, is killed in a corporate plane crash. Grief wraps around her heart and soul – cushioning her to the outside world and the reality that is now her life. Warren had been many things to her: friend, lover and even a part-time savior. After spending too many years working too many hours for a large corporation, Mila was able to let go and love Warren, even at the expense of losing her traditional Somalian father’s favor.
Nothing could have prepared her for such a devastating loss, yet the fragile bubble she has built around her heart is shattered when Mila comes face to face with Blake Baldwin – Billionaire, womanizer, Warren’s boss…. And the owner of that fateful airplane.
Blake Baldwin is too handsome for words, with a body that could melt hearts and a piercing stare that cut through Mila’s every defense. The encounter seems to ignite a fascination in the enigmatic Billionaire, one that sends him to the Somalian beauty’s door again and again…
Mila is not looking for love—been there, done that, but Blake will not rest until Mila Ali is his. He thrusts her into a frenzy of confusion, deception, and passion. Blake just may be the bandage Mila’s wounded heart and neglected body needs, or he could be the biggest heartbreak of all.

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Publishing Date: February 5, 2016
My Review:  4 unexpected and delightfully erotic starts. I have to admit I so was not prepared for Blake Baldwin. He swept in and completely had me screaming by like page fifteen! I also have to admit that I liked Mila being an Ethiopian immigrant and hardworking woman. Major kudos to Amarie Avant for her writing style and her choice of characters because I loved both Blake and Mila. 

Mila left Ethiopia for a chance to pursue her education and to avoid marrying the man her father arranged for her to. When the story opens up, Mila is dealing with the death of her fiancé and struggling to deal with Blake. Blake makes no secret of his desire to have her and goes as far as paying her mortgage which lands her in his office. Mila's fiercely independent, good hearted and interesting. She fights Blake tooth and nail before succumbing to whatever he's offering. 

"Taking a shower, miss Ali. Join, if you'd like. Didn't you come to chew me out?" He shoved down his pants as if this were an Armani boxer brief commercial. He shoved off his underwear. "By all means, chew me the fuck out." 

Blake is not the image everyone thinks of him. He wasn't born with privilege and has more street in him than people would ever guess. He is all about taking what you want and doing whatever necessary to have it. In the case with Mila, he does everything he can to not only have her, but also to possess and own her. He's a determined, powerful, demanding, devious man and yet there's good in him which makes him even more potent and interesting. 

"Ms. Ali, keep staring and I'll to insist you join me." 

The read honestly messes with you a bit because at certain points I was sure Blake was a psychopath. I was also annoyed with Mila for being so trusting. While I liked them both, the story is spun in such a way that you're kept guessing until the last page where it all comes together and makes sense.